Anthropology Report, A New Blog

A new blog, called Anthropology Report ( has come on the scene. It provides information and annotated bibliographies for interesting topics in physical anthropology (for example: Anthropology and Race – 11 December 2011). Here’s some more info, straight from the blog’s “Purpose” page:

“Anthropology Report connects people searching for anthropology to real anthropology and real anthropologists.

There is currently an unfortunate disconnect between the top 10 search results for anthropology and What is anthropology? and the best material by real anthropologists. Too many of the top results are irrelevant or do not lead directly to the great material.

Anthropology Report aims to make that connection. It highlights the best and most recent updates from anthropology blogs, journals, books, and fresh news from real anthropologists.”

I think it’s great and you should definitely check it out.



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